Farm to finish, quality cider hand-crafted in Lac Ste. Anne county.

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  • Original Apple

    The apple forward aroma is the first thing you’ll notice about this refreshing, off-dry blend. It’s slightly sweet with a pop of pure apple flavour. Perfect on its own or as a base for cider sangrias and cocktails.

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  • Cherry Rhubarb

    This seasonal cider has a beautifully rich flavour to match its jewel tone colour. With a blend of bright cherry notes and tart rhubarb flavour this cider will steal the show at any gathering.

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  • Prairie Bears Cider Co. - Winter Chai

    Winter Chai

    This seasonal cider is medium dry with hints of cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. The subtle chai flavour is light on the palate making it easy to enjoy more than one.

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  • Alberta Prairie Berry

    When you crack a bottle of Alberta Prairie Berry, the fresh cranberry and cherry aromas will delight you. It’s tart with a dry finish and a refreshing berry forward flavour. The light carbonation makes this a perfect pairing with a hot summer day.

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  • Blueberry Bergamot Cider

    This seasonal cider has a gorgeous light lavender colour and a tempting blend of citrus and floral notes. With smooth berry tones and a tart finish, you’ll want at least one four-pack for a weekend at the lake.

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  • Pear Ginger – Coming Soon!

    Keep your eyes open for this exciting release in early 2024!

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